Ward De Vleeschhouwer pianist - composer


Boki for piano solo

composition & piano, Ward De Vleeschhouwer

Melgar, vals de Arequipa, Peru

Vals composed by Benigno Ballón Farfán in 1914 or 15.
Piano, Ward De Vleeschhouwer

Goli for piano four hands

Goli for piano four hands
Composition: Ward De Vleeschhouwer
Piano, Tae Yoshiaka & Marc Masson

Voorwaarts Maart / En Avant Mars, March 10, 2010
Arca Theater, Gent, Belgium

Thelema Trio - Neither From Nor Towards tour

I am happy to announce the next tour of Thelema Trio in the USA!
On this tour we will promote our latest CD 'Neither From Nor Towards...', give masterclasses, lectures and work with composition students.

March 25-27 : Kansas State University, SCI Conference, Manhattan, Kansas

March 31 : University of Central Missouri, Warrenburg, Missouri
April 1 : Oklahoma School of Music, Norman, Oklahoma
April 5 - 7 : Moores School of Music, University of Houston, Texas
April 9: University of the Incarnated World, San Antonio, Texas


Voorwaarts Maart/En avant Mars

Premiere of Goli for piano four hands.
piano: Marc Masson & Tae Yoshioka

Voorwaarts Maart/ En avant Mars is a brand new festival with a lot of variety:
music in combination with dance, theater, film and cartoon.

March 10 from 6pm
Arca theater
Sint-Widostraat 4, 9000 Gent, Belgium.

More info on www.hardscore.be

CD review- Neither From Nor Towards...

The Thelema Trio’s modular nature, even within the context of being a trio, is one of its primary strengths and they strut their stylistic, coloristic, versatile stuff with this collection of pieces. No two works share the same instrumentation nor do any of the compositions share the same sound world. The only performer not showcased with a solo feature of some sort is the pianist but Ward De Vleeschhouwer is a superb collaborative artist who can highlight his abilities within a chamber music setting. Peter Verdonck has excellent tone and energy on alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones and Marc Antonio Mazzini has a lithe and supple sound on standard or bass clarinet. Together, the two reed players have a perfectly communal sound quality.

Each piece on the disc showcases the Thelema Trio’s mercuriality.

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by Jay Batzner - Sequenza 21

December 13 - Aranis 'songs from mirage'

The third full CD of Aranis sounds totally different from earlier recordings. To the instrumental ensemble three female voices were added. This has only reinforced their adventurous music with more power and scope. The music has gained in intensity, sensitivity and dynamics. 'Songs from Mirage' is a musical journey without intermezzo's. It only ends when the last notes fade away. With guest musicians Els van Laethem, Anne Marie Honggokoessoemo, Herlinde Ghekiere (voices), Linde de Groof (violin), Els Vrints (piano)/ Ward De Vleeschhouwer (piano)

CD- voorstelling + zang
Parnassus ,Oude Houtlei 122, 9000 Gent
Aanvang: 15u

Liesbeth Lambrecht: violin
Marjolein Cools: accordion
Stijn Denys: guitar
Jana Arns: transverse flute
Joris Vanvinckenroye: contrabass & composition